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Visualization Tools

Meditation Exercise

Find a comfortable seating position. Keep your feet on the ground with legs and arms uncrossed, unless you are used to doing Yoga, in which case, you can be in a half or full Lotus position. You may wish to place a candle in front of you at a distance of three to four feet, and just focus on the flame, or you could find a point on the wall and continue to focus on it. The more you become relaxed, the more you will know yourself.

The purpose of meditation is to clear the mind from your thoughts that have built up throughout the day, or throughout your lives...The more you practice meditation or pure relaxation, the easier it will become to clear your mind and to focus in the present time.

Now take a nice slow deep breath in through your nose...breathing in positive energy...and hold your breath for the count of three. 1...2...3...and exhale through your mouth...Breathing out all the negative energy...allowing your whole mind and body to relax...Now...another deep through your nose, holding, 1...2...3...and exhale this time through your nose...and continue to breathe normally...going even deeper...all the tension flowing out from your head, your face muscles allowing your jaw to relax, with your teeth slightly apart, down to your neck, and your shoulders...

Now slowly take another deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through your nose...allowing the flow of breathing to reach its natural state...Breathing in and breathing out at a steady pace, allowing all the muscles to relax, throughout your whole body...down your arms, to your hands, right down to your fingertips...when these are relaxed you will know that you are relaxed...and allow this wonderful feeling to pass through, relaxing your stomach, your hips, thighs, your shins, ankles, your feet, right through to your toes, feeling totally, wonderfully relaxed into this beautiful state of peace, tranquility and peace of mind...

Now allow any thoughts that may arise to pass through, do not hold them or try to control them in any way and remaining totally in the present time. If any thoughts should repeat themselves in any way, then it may be an issue that you have not dealt with, but just for now allow them to pass through, knowing that you will deal with them as soon as you are able to.

Now allow your mind to wander and explore by using your imagination and your senses. 
I would like you now to imagine that there is a doorway leading to a beautiful garden. This garden is no ordinary garden it is a secret garden, one that only you can enter any time you choose, it is also anti allergen free.
Now notice that there is a door in front of you, the door can be any colour and made of anything. In your minds eye, go up to the door and turn the handle to open it.
As the door opens a little, you may notice that it creaks and might be stiff, perhaps it has not been opened for a while?
Push it a little harder now to open it and walk into your garden, you suddenly notice and See the beautiful vibrant colours of the flowers and the trees and shrubs surrounding you. 
Hear any sounds that are present, the wind as it gently passes through the leaves on the branches of the trees, the small stream, which runs at the bottom of the garden and the birds that are singing. Now Smell the fragrances and freshness of the flowers, herbs and all the living things in this garden.Tasting the sweetness or bitterness as the breeze passes your lips in this amazing and beautiful garden.Feel its energy now, within and around you lifting you on a higher vibration.Hold and keep this feeling with you for a while, as you walk along the garden path, which is paved with small stones.On the right side of the garden, you will notice a chair, one that looks so comfortable and one of how you would imagine it to be.Go and sit on this comfortable chair and take in the beauty that surrounds you. Feeling so relaxed, tranquil and peaceful in your mind and body. Now give yourself some positive affirmations; “ I am so happy and grateful for the great abundance that I am now attracting into my life”
After 10 minutes, slowly come back...Now allow yourself to return to the state of consciousness, feeling your physical body, and the awareness of your surroundings, grounding yourself in the here and now.