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Teaching Reiki 1st degree Reiki Today!... So excited and nervous all at the same time... So looking forward to sharing this with others and supporting them along their journey... Gary Markwick thank you so much for starting me on this journey. You gave me the confidence to carry on and Carly Evans thank you for all your support, love and understanding that has gotten me here today! So much love for you guys.
Tina Herring xxx
Law of Attraction workshop
Hi Gary & Denize,
Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for being so patient with me in the workshop today. It was great to have someone to talk to in great detail and your listening skills were second to none and probably tested to their limit but you kindly humoured me and worked at my pace which I'm whole heartedly grateful for.
Got lots out of the session and it was very professional and well coordinated with great attention to detail. I will certainly recommend it. You have a great service here and I can see it being very much in demand. The slides and the course material were of an incredibly high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to write some strong review notes.
Loved the fact that you were so genuine and shared your own stories about your approach to life and this really helped me. It was in an exceptionally compassionate and non judgemental manner.
I shall keep you posted on my decisions and hope for the best. You have set a highly optimistic tone and left me with a lot to think about but some great techniques to practice.
Wishing you all the best and a wonderful holiday in Devon.
I will try and see if I can make it over for some hypnotherapy some time.
Speak soon.
Suzie x

I attended this workshop yesterday and feel compelled to share my feedback and highlight the Hugh insight.

Gary exhibits when running this excellent one day workshop on the Law of Attraction.
Firstly you are greeted with such warmth and kindness by both Gary and
Denize and then you receive a very personalized approach to help your learning with receiving a workbook to capture all the information and experiences around the 24 levels of manifestation taught throughout the day plus your kept on track with Denize and her audio visuals which are excellent.

I have attended other workshops and I can genuinely say that Gary's provides that extra quality which is well worth the money as it

is a full day which is very personalized with the opportunity to ask questions and to learn from Gary and his profound wisdom and by no underestimation especially for those of you that have read his books esp (now it begins) is a wisdom which is shared by many of our great spiritual teachers throughout time.
Thank you Gary and
Denize you have something very special to offer people on a path of self-discovery

Kind regards
Cambridgeshire UK


After the workshop I had such feelings that something would happened... And it did Now it begins! Wonderful!

Impressive! Interesting! And unbelievable! Gary is really unique person with a talent to help, teach and inspire people! After the workshop I had such feelings that something would happened... And it did. The cash flowed increased twice within 2 weeks and I have been so busy with my business. I have got a few other interesting projects, which I am going to work on very soon. I am feeling happier and harmonically! "Everything is possible!" All the best!

- Irina


Gary was able to offer a step by step guide

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The concept of LOA is something I had been previously taught but not in the same way. Gary was able to offer a step by step guide which can easily be understood and applied. There are exercises which can be used at home once the workshop is over and the workbook is a great resource for referring too. There's plenty of 'food for thought' as you begin to explore some of the key concepts and even though I have heard some of these before, it gave me time to explore reflect and review how far I had wandered from the path. I would highly recommend the course for both new beginning and those who are looking to reconnect to their inner being and truth. Many thanks again to you and Denise. Best regards

- In light and love Anushka


Law of attraction workshop testimonials

Hi Gary, I was in a really bad situation when I came to your workshop, I failed in my exams, in my relationship with my BF and had no confidence because I felt fat... but after I followed the workshop I felt a lot better I discovered that there is a lot more in the world than what we see. It gave me hope and with that hope and belief, I continued to ask what I wanted from the universe. Every time I received an answer and even though they were little they meant a lot to me, because they showed me that the LOA works. However, I think you must read the notes a lot, like every week, because you might get de-motivated and it helps you to continue again and with each time reading you discover something new. I give you some examples of the things I reached with the help of LOA: 1) I lost 1 kilo in 4 days without any effort and even being on diet or exercise. 2) I asked a better relationship with my BF, after that, everything changed and it's like we began again and are feeling in love with each other again.(we still have to communicate a lot, but we've made the first phase). 3) I asked for money I did not say any amount and was happy with the money that came to me. 4)I found peace in myself after doing meditation and visualisation. and my friends and family members see the change in me and they all can't wait to come to London and also be able to follow your workshops. I gave lots of my stuff to charity. Many of them were new with their labels on them. And after that I really felt free and I feel I’m not that dependent to anything any more.

- Samantha


I've changed a lot

Hi Gary and Denize, I hope you remember me, it's Marjan from Belgium. I wanted to send you an email to let you know about my progress. I have changed a lot since I have been back. It is quite noticeable because lots of my friends have told me about that even my mom and sister... I am a much stronger and relaxed person, and I have the feeling that I have started my life just now, Before that I couldn't enjoy life and couldn't follow my dreams because I did not have enough will power to do that. I study everyday now as I couldn't do that before, I used to study just some days before the exams.I got my driving license. I know it's not a big thing to do, but I hadn't done that for 7 years! I am on diet, no one understands how I can control myself to eat exactly as I planed and holding over for so long. There is a lot more order in my life, I have a plan for each day of the week and do exactly as I planed. My relationship with my boyfriend is not like before, he is the one who wishes to communicate with me and I was really surprised about that and happy of course. I am a more positive person and try to bring this positivity to others and make others as happy as I am and I could help 2 of my friends till now, they all wish to come to London and meet you. The only problem I have now is that I forget not to judge other people and stay always positive about things, but I need more practice I think. Thank you Best wishes Marjan

- Marjan Belgium
This book was truly a joy to read! In the description of this book, it states it is a doc-fantasy. This may have been the first doc-fantasy book I have ever read - and if this book is a sample of this genre, I want to read more! The "doc" part refers to the real life story of the author's grandfather who lived quite an adventurous life. He joined the circus at a young age, and eventually travelled from Scotland, to Canada, to the US; he became a well-known illusionist. I especially loved his drive to get to New York City to visit Houdini at his home. But, interwoven with this factual account, complete with photos, are the mystical adventures of the Great Marko and the magic of the Blue Pearl, and other characters along the way. The spiritual knowledge given to David (the grandfather) has messages for all of us. There is a story within the story, within the story, within the story - very intriguing. I highly recommend this book; bet you have never read anything else like it.

- Deborah Lloyd author

What a wonderful read!!! I so enjoyed every moment and I also found it hard to put the book down! It was such a fascinating read with much insight to what was going on at the time. I also felt privileged to be told of this great man’s life and how it all unfolded from a very early age. I would like to thank Gary for taking so much time in compiling this book.
In the write-up on the back cover, it says it is part documentary and part fantasy, however, I did recognize many of ‘magic’ used and so to me, it is more than just fantasy.
I wish Gary all the very best for his future and I can’t wait for another book!!!

- Maureen
Gary Markwick, besides being a fascinating man in his own right, has the kind of pedigree fantasy novels are made of. He grew up in a family of performers (a mix of mentalists, ecclesiologists, illusionists, magicians and general pick-a-card pranksters), and has gone on to explore (and teach) New Age Spiritualism along with ensuring his own prowess as a world-renowned palmist. Unusual, no? So this book of his is rare: it details the life and adventures of his maternal grandfather, David AKA Duncan AKA The Great Marlo. The book spans David’s (Duncan’s? Marlo’s?) early escape to join the circus as a young boy, his adventures as a stowaway, his escapades in pre and post-war America, and his eventual success performing as The Great Marlo (alongside his daughter Georgina—Gary’s mother). And because circus life, slipping out of straitjackets, and using card tricks to disarm Italian hoodlums isn’t enough, a large section of the book details the Buddhist lessons David (Duncan? Marlo?)learned at the circus as a young boy, as taught by his first mentor, The Great Marko.

- Karen Runge author

I was delighted to read Gary Markwick's latest book: Paperback rated 5 of 5 stars
I was delighted to read Gary Markwick's latest book, which most definitely captures the imagination! It made for an easy read, yet one that was captivating nonetheless. The story chronicles the life of Gary's grandfather as he journeys across the globe and includes wonderful photos and illustrations, including both history, as well as fantasy. Definitely a book for those who enjoy being taken away on a journey, of mysticism, wonderment and magic. Highly Recommend!

- By AM