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The Law of Attraction Workshops,Best Coach London - Gary Markwick

About Gary

Gary Markwick has been running his own workshops in the Law of Attraction and Reiki healing for many years and is also a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual healer.

Gary is an international celebrity palmist, hand analyst and clairsentient, he has been using his amazing talent for the last twenty years and has read the hands of thousands of people from around the world, as well as helping many by using his skills with the Law of Attraction, Hypnotherapy, Past life Regressionist, NLP, Reiki healing, meditation and palmistry. Gary is also an author of two published books, one of which is 'Self - Awareness' and the other a 'Docu/Fantasy'.

Gary has appeared on BBC TV South East regional news, Sky TV 'Your Destiny' channel, BBC radio 4 PM and BBC Radio 4 comedy hour and has also had write ups in newspapers. He was asked by a national newspaper to read the hand of a celebrity unknown to him at the time, which was Barack Obama before becoming President of the USA.

Gary's family were well known in the 1950`s for performing with the BBC and theatres throughout Great Britain, with mind reading, escapology, illusionists and palmistry.